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Day 2 Training - Food & Binge Eating

Video Length: 11m 42sec

Here is what you want to know:

  • Why conventional diets, counting calories and following standard fitness industry advice is making your binge eating worse.
  • Why traditional therapies fail to undo the damage done by the diet and fitness industry.
  • What you need to do today to break the “good day / bad day” cycle, and it’s not what you think.
  • How to achieve your body goals without the fear of rebound, by working with your psychology instead of against it.

If you would prefer to listen you can find the audio version of this video HERE


Meet Maddy as she talks about her past experiences of counting calories and emotional eating and where she is today!


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Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover in our Chase Life Intensive programme..

  • How to control your portions without exhausting mental arithmetic or obsessing over the “right” amount
  • The trick to rewiring your brain that makes you less dependent (both on vices and other people) and vulnerable — even when life throws a curveball that leaves you upset, stressed and frustrated!
  • Why urges can sometimes feel like your brain is screaming, “Fuck it, just this once…I promise this is the last time”
  • How you can enjoy your favourite foods on a regular basis and achieve your fitness goals at the same time.
  • Understanding the different “modes” your mind slips into when you’re stressed and how to master working with them to overcome binge eating so you aren’t left trying to rely on willpower alone.
  • What your mind’s “deprivation mode” is and why it’s the real reason you can’t get out of the diet/binge cycle.
  • The key strategy to use to say goodbye to self-doubt and the need for validation, and say hello to true self-confidence that lasts.
  • Learn the exact techniques you need to dissolve issues that have kept you awake at night for years and replace them with emotional freedom, without raking up the past.

*Please note that we specialise in working with driven, professional or high achieving women. Our methods and teachings are not suitable for everyone which is why we have an application process to ensure the ongoing quality of exclusive service provided and consistency of unrivalled success rates for our fabulous clients.*

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  • Discover how ‘willpower’ is making your binge eating worse.
  • ind out why all the logic, reasoning and analysis in the world will never stop you binge eating.
  • Understand the secret to rewiring the specific region in the brain that stores your binge eating habit, and eliminate that behaviour once and for all.
  • Learn why it can feel like another part of you takes over, and understand what’s really going on.
  • Realise how to finally feel confident and relaxed around food.

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