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Day 5 - Becoming the BEST Version of YOURSELF!

Video Length:  Less than 3 min!

Here is what you want to know:

  • Why achieving a goal doesn’t automatically lead to self-growth, and why it matters to stop binge eating permanently.
  • What it really takes to be a High Value Woman
  • How this one area of fitness training is overlooked by most people, but is vital for your new habits to stick.
  • The only way to avoid your decision to change fizzling away as your initial burst of excitement wears off.

If you would prefer to listen you can find the audio version of this video HERE

"The First Class of Coaching Programs"

Suzy is an executive director of a global brand. The pressures of work are high, her stress was chronic and she thought she was going a good job of hiding her "secret" from her husband. She shares her journey and how all that is a thing of the past after working with us at Chase Life Consulting.

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How To Become A High Value Woman

Eliminating binge or emotionally eating with a NEW, BEST SELF, YOU!

Are you DONE battling emotional eating, low self worth, poor confidence and chronic stress?

Frustrated with not living up to your best self?

If you have drawn a line in the sand and you refuse to tolerate binge eating, low self worth or stress any more NOW is the time to act!

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A personal transformation DOES NOT NEED to be long and drawn out over months and years! It can be and should be rapid, reliable and permanent! We are 100% results driven and have an unrivalled track record. If you too are an action taker and a fast mover, this could be the solution for you!

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*Please note that we specialise in working with driven, professional or high achieving women. Our methods and teachings are not suitable for everyone which is why we have an application process to ensure the ongoing quality of exclusive service provided and consistency of unrivalled success rates for our fabulous clients.*