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Day 4 - Getting to the REAL Source of Binge Eating

Video Length:  7m 56sec

Here is what you want to know:

  • The two key things you need to do to permanently eliminate binge eating for good.
  • The real reasons that you suffer from chronic stress and overwhelm, and why it particularly affects you as a high value woman.
  • That understanding and analysing the ‘why’ behind your problems in detail is not enough to make the problem go away.
  • Why the conventional belief that it takes a long time to resolve internal and emotional struggles is myth.
  • The ease with which you can say goodbye to issues with low self-esteem, perfectionism, anxiety, low self worth, chronic worry and emotional struggles with food, when you know the right way to do it.

If you would prefer to listen you can find the audio version of this video HERE

"The Best Investment I Have Ever Made In Myself!"

Lisa is such an amazing inspiration with all she has achieved after the work she put in after joining Chase Life Intensive. After struggling for years with binge eating, stress and overwhelm she now describes herself as "A new me! I am confident, proud and loving to myself!" 

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Frequently asked questions!

We get a lot of questions about Chase Life Intensive - our high level intensive 8 week consulting program to FULLY and PERMANENTLY resolve chronic stress, low confidence, binge/emotional eating and poor body image.

How does Chase Life Intensive work?

Chase Life Intensive (CLI) is 8 weeks in duration. Each week you get access to a new module, and each module builds on the one prior. You’ll access all the learning materials in a membership site. In there you’ll work through videos and tutorials and learn the foundations of the skills and principles that we will then coach you through in person.

The programme is set up this way so that you can structure your learning on whatever schedule works for you, whether that’s first thing in the morning, in the evening, or on your weekends. Nearly all of our clients are time poor, have busy careers/businesses and family lives which is why learning must be prioritised but be flexible.

We also provide high level support whereby you get unlimited contact with us on voice and written message. So anytime that you’re stuck, struggling, have a question or need help, then we’re there for you.

In addition, we will also schedule regular, one-to-one coaching calls, which we’ll do on zoom so that we can video call if possible. We’ll be making sure that you are on track and that you’re getting the results you need at each stage in the process.

On those calls we’ll dive deep, and coach you personally through the skills and techniques that you’ve been learning, and we’ll make sure that you get the breakthroughs you need for lasting transformation.

Will You Cover Food?

One of the first things that we’ll be addressing is food!

By now, you probably understand that a disordered relationship with food, isn’t actually about food at the core. That’s just a symptom of deeper issues.

However, whilst that’s true, we still need to address food, because most people have no idea how to achieve the physical results that they’re after in health, fitness & wellbeing, but in a way that works WITH their psychology instead of against it.

So we will teach you Baseline Nutrition as well as the Mindset of Baseline Nutrition right at the start of the programme. We’re going to teach you how to achieve your goals without excessive or neurotic tracking and weighing, without excessive restriction, and without suffering with hunger, low energy, or physical cravings.

We will of course provide you with as much support and coaching on that as you need throughout the programme, but food is actually very simple. The most important elements are all the mindset elements that get to the source of the problem.

How Do You Actually STOP me from Binge/Emotional Eating? 

How Do I Rewire My Brain?

How Do I Overcome My Emotional Struggles?

In order to fully, and permanently eliminate binge eating, emotional eating, or a disordered relationship with food, there are two key pieces of the puzzle.

The first is rewiring the way the habit gets stored in the brain. Once the behaviour has been repeated enough times it will get stored in a very primitive part of the brain (the survival brain), simply as a habit.

In simple terms, this part of the brain now has a piece of software that says that you need to binge in order to survive. Which makes no logical sense, but this part of the brain doesn’t understand off logic. So we need to rewire that portion of the brain using the language that IT understands.

Unfortunately the ways that most people are intuitively trying to fix the problem such as using willpower, or distraction techniques, actually makes the problem worse not better. So we need to teach you how to respond to urges and cravings in a way that enables them to dissipate, and then disappear altogether, instead of adding fuel to the fire and making it worse.

This is one of the foundational skills that we teach early on called the R.A.P. process, which is an incredibly fast and powerful way to rewire the survival brain, and eliminate compulsive habits. This is the very process that has our clients saying things like, “Food is just a complete non-issue now. I’m completely free from all the urges, cravings, and compulsive thoughts around food.”

The second key piece of the puzzle is resolving the underlying emotional obstacles, blockages, or internal conflicts that have either created your food struggles in the first place, or are now perpetuating them and keeping them alive.

This is where we need to help you overcome issues such as low self esteem, low self confidence, perfectionism, over analysing, people pleasing, negative body image, anxiety, chronic stress & overwhelm.

These types of emotional struggles keep you stuck in survival mode, and mean that you’ll keep triggering the survival brain over and over again.

Fortunately the key principle for overcoming all these issues is the same, which is learning how to regulate your state of being INTERNALLY independently of what’s happening EXTERNALLY. We do this by teaching our clients our Super Secret Strategy or (SSS!), which is the fastest, most powerful of developing emotional fitness.

Once we teach you that skill, you have the keys to emotional freedom. We’ll take that skill and teach you how to apply it to whatever is going on for you personally, whether that be imposter syndrome, overcoming the past, low self worth, or any other internal conflicts and struggles.

I Don’t Feel Like I Am Successful or Good Enough for CLI, But I KNOW I Need Help!?

Indeed, one of the most common struggles we help our clients with is low self worth, low self esteem, and issues with not feeling good enough. We’ll take the SSS. and teach you how to DO self worth.

Self worth isn’t something you have, or find, or discover, it is something that you DO. It has a clear strategy, that rapidly becomes habitual and effortless. This is the key to creating TRUE confidence that is always there at your core, and is also one of the critical ingredients for eliminating ongoing struggles with chronic stress and overwhelm.

What all of this means is that you now have emotional stability at your core. You’re no longer pushed or pulled around by life, circumstances, or other people, and you’re able to move through life with a real sense of ease, inner peace, and emotional freedom. All of which means that you’ll finally be free from the self sabotage, and never again have to rely on coping mechanisms like food.


*Please note that we specialise in working with driven, professional or high achieving women. Our methods and teachings are not suitable for everyone which is why we have an application process to ensure the ongoing quality of exclusive service provided and consistency of unrivalled success rates for our fabulous clients.*


  • Why achieving a goal doesn’t automatically lead to self-growth, and why it matters to stop binge eating permanently.
  • What it really takes to be a High Value Woman
  • How this one area of fitness training is overlooked by most people, but is vital for your new habits to stick.
  • The only way to avoid your decision to change fizzling away as your initial burst of excitement wears off.

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