Jess had been struggling with food since she was 12 years old. She’d had regular sessions with a psychologist for the last 8 years. If anybody had a right to say, “I’ve tried everything!” it was Jess.... 

“I’m really happy with myself, I’m really proud of myself. I have never, ever been able to say that I’m content and happy with how I look. For the first time in my life I haven’t thought about what people think of me, because I don’t need their approval, I have my own approval.”

We’ve helped 1,000s of women from all corners of the globe to overcome emotional eating or chronic stress by entirely transforming their mindset and breaking through the emotional blockages causing them to overanalyse, constantly seek perfection and approval, be scared of failure, and feel stressed, overwhelmed, anxious and not good enough.

You can now access high level support and elite training in our exclusive program CHASE LIFE INTENSIVE!

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Miss D, Change Management, NZ

"I wish I had done this sooner. I have my life back!"

Miss Z, Marketing, Aus

"My relationship with food has completely changed!"

Mrs M, Executive Director, UK

"This is the First Class of Coaching Programs!"

Mrs M, Business Owner, UK

"The changes are phenomenal, life changing!"

Mrs F, Business Owner, UAE

"I will never go back. I am so incredibly grateful!"

Mrs K, Pharmacist, UK

"I got my confidence and remembered who I was!"

Miss P, Medical, USA

"The best investment I have ever made in myself!"

Miss A, Fitness Business Owner, UK

"I can't believe how quickly I overcame binge eating!"

Mrs F, Professional, UK

"Total freedom from food!"

Mrs O, Sales Manager, UK

"The support you provided was immense!"

Mrs M, Business Owner, Australia

"Absolutely amazing for me to cure binge eating!"

Mrs M, Business Owner, Australia

"Chase Life - What A Game Changer!"

Mrs M, Creative Writing, USA

"I have lost 30lbs. I love myself and I love my life!"

Mrs P, Medical, AUS

"I can't recommend this enough, it is worth every cent!"

Miss C, Vet, Hong Kong

"Binge free for two years and in incredible shape!"

Miss S, Health, Netherlands

"I am NEW me! I'm confident, proud & loving!"

Mrs F, Lawyer, UK

"A Real Life Changing Experience!"

Mrs S, Law, UK

"I am the happiest I have ever been!"

We have an unrivalled track record and success rate, there’s no bullshit and we play hard — and we expect that from you too. So if you refuse to wait for the diet fairy to visit you while you sleep and wave a wand to magically stop your binging, and if you have too much pride and ambition to sit and do nothing, waiting for time to be on your side, you may be the perfect fit for our exclusive, invitation-only programme for passionate and determined women who will never settle for anything less than total freedom, clarity and confidence.

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